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Sharmila's Yoga Studio
Founded by Sharmila Hirendernath, who is trained in the Bihar, Iyengar and Ashtanga Schools of Yoga is a certified 200 hrs Yoga Works Teacher, USA with an extensive teaching experience of almost 12 years. She is also an 500-hours trained teacher from Absolute Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa). She is recognized as one of India’s few registered EYRT yoga teachers by Yoga Alliance, the international yoga organization involved in setting standards in yoga teaching and for encouraging it.
Sharmila believes that Yoga is for all age groups and has devised Yoga sequences for all levels of practice from beginners to advanced practitioners. Her USP is that the students walk out of class in state of Post Shavasna Bliss. She believes that Yoga practice is about being comfortable in one’s own skin and coming to terms with our personality and living life on your terms. Yoga practice should be practice off the mat as much as on the mat. It is about self-transformation and the ability to live life with joy and self-awareness. Yoga is not about standing on your head as much as it is about taking responsibility for the state of your being.
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