Self-knowledge is the only basis of true knowledge - John Taylor Gatto

Devoting a mere couple of hours, a week to attending a regular yoga class can sometimes feel unfulfilling when one is looking for a deeper and richer experience. If you yearn to go beyond what is taught at your everyday yoga class and wish to cultivate your budding interest in yoga then, the 200-hour yoga intensive is the ideal option for you. Unlike what you might think this course is not restricted to people who only want to teach yoga professionally but rather it seeks to enhance the quality of practice of seasoned yoga students.

The yoga intensive is an Asana / Pranayama / Relaxation workshop which enables a student to understand the body and its connection to movement and breath. The course will, in essence, focus on the practice of yoga, by first respecting tradition but then also by embracing contemporary innovation by incorporating the best practices from the Bihar school / Iyengar and Asthanga schools of yoga. The course has been designed and structured towards improving your personal practice and allowing you to teach and share the knowledge and experience of yoga with other students of yoga.

Our International 200 hrs certification approved by Yoga Alliance will enable you to instruct and teach yoga internationally. Thus not only will you become a part of the family of instructors at SYS but also part of the global yoga community yoga alliance teachers.

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