The Team

Our teachers are all qualified with at least one 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from SYZ. They all share the same principle of doing no harm, to themselves or others. Each teacher brings their own unique experience and training to their classes.

Sharmila Hirendernath - Founder

Sharmila Hirendernath


Sharmila is trained in the Bihar, Iyengar and Ashtanga Schools of Yoga is a certified 200 hrs Yoga Works Teacher, USA with an extensive teaching experience of almost 20 years. She is also a 500-hours graduate from Absolute Yoga. She is recognized as one of India’s few registered EYRT yoga teachers by Yoga Alliance.

Sharmila believes that Yoga is for all age groups and has devised Yoga sequences for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. She believes that Yoga is about being comfortable in one’s own skin and coming to terms with our personality. Yoga should be practiced off the mat as much as on the mat.

It is about self-transformation and the ability to live life with joy and self-awareness. Yoga is not about standing on your head as much as it is about taking responsibility for the state of your being.

Achala Kumar - Business Partner

Achala Kumar

Business Partner

Achala discovered SYZ in 2020 and fell in love with the practice from her very first class. Having practised high-impact exercise for many years, yoga very quickly made a positive impact on her physical as well mental wellbeing.

Achala is a staunch believer in the wholesome goodness of her favourite form of exercise, yoga. "I became fully converted when I had a severe back muscle pull and a wall-supported squat in Qmart, literally made it vanish."

With an experience of 32 years in the corporate world after a degree from Columbia University in NYC, Achala is also an avid traveller, a keen golfer and loves a good swim.

Sreya Sree Pathuri - Yoga Instructor

Sreya Sree Pathuri

Yoga Instructor

An architect by profession and a yoga instructor by passion. Sreya says "although yoga started as a weight loss journey, it taught me more about self-acceptance and to be comfortable in my own skin, size and surroundings."

I am more flexible and feel stronger than ever. I always enjoy that hour on the mat when I only have to think about movement and breathing. I love that yoga is open to all abilities without judgement.

Sreya is also an amateur baker as she has a sweet tooth.

Nenita Praveen - Yoga Instructor

Nenita Praveen

Yoga Instructor

A Dancer, Yogi and SEL Educator, Nenita was drawn to bodywork from a young age. While dance and yoga go hand in hand, yoga had not excited her as much. Years later, it was the scientific approach to yoga teaching built on its traditional knowledge that brought her back to dive deeper into the subject and take on yoga as a daily practice. Practising yoga since the age of 13 years, she completed her 200 hours with SYZ in 2017.

She believes that our body, mind and soul are in constant conversation with each other, guiding us to understand the self and yoga is one way to safely approach it. She has been able to get onto a physical and mental healing journey through yoga, and she approaches her classes with this understanding. Nenita is passionate about guiding people with their bodies, and yoga is one such powerhouse through which she does the same.

Lakshmi Jyothsna Rongala - Yoga Instructor

Lakshmi Jyothsna Rongala

Yoga Instructor

A mother of two boys, an entrepreneur, and a half-qualified C.A.; practising yoga has become an essential part and parcel of her life.

"A few years ago, my thyroid reading was through the roof, was overweight, had insomnia and hair-fall as well as an irregular cycle. Practising under great teachers in a group setting helped me reverse my problems over a period of time; it also helped me learn that only sustained small daily changes over a long period could add to big improvements and there are no shortcuts. I have now been practising yoga for almost 10 years; I stress on practice because I am still working on my chaturanga."

I am Jyothsna and I want to share my experiences and be a part of your journey on the road less taken. I hope to see you soon at the SYZ Studio.

Kamai Nring Naga - Receptionist

Kamai Nring Naga


Kamai is the receptionist and studio manager at SYZ, greeting our students as they arrive, assisting clients new to the space and giving them a guided tour of our facilities. She also takes on basic administration duties and helps to ensure the working space and the studio are a calm and tranquil space to have a moment of Zen.

Kamai often attends a yoga daily class and loves supporting our teachers with our social media campaigns.

Apoorva Deepak Ingle- Yoga Instructor

Apoorva Deepak Ingle

Yoga Instructor

Coming from a family of yoga teachers yoga became a part of her life from a very young age. At 18 she completed her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Sharmila's Yoga Zone which helped her on the journey of self-discovery.

"Taking up psychology in my bachelor's guided me towards understanding the connection between the body and mind. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat."

Things she loves - Chocolates and Crime Fiction

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If you have any questions, please contact us or visit our classroom at 8-2-584/1 to 3 & 8-2- 584/7B to 11B, 2nd floor, Mahmood Habib Plaza, Road no.9, Banjara Hills Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.